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    Your pet is a member of your family and it is important that you visit a vet for their annual checkup. There are plenty of parks and beaches on Oahu, so your dog or cat will appreciate a visit to the veterinarian, which will keep them healthy and happy. The Animal House Veterinary Center in Ewa Beach is one of the best places to take your pet. A staff member will scratch your dog’s ears after the shot and offer a treat.

    Not all veterinary clinics are the same. Some of them have specialist doctors who specialize in certain areas of animal medicine. Others are general practices, with some specializing in specific conditions. In Ewa Beach, there are several hospitals that offer comprehensive care to pets. There are some hospitals that are accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association, and some are able to offer emergency services only. These facilities are often more expensive than average, but their quality of care is unmatched.

    Dr. Greenstein has a passion for animals and loves working with them. After graduating from the University of California, she worked in a volunteer veterinary clinic in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, as well as doing field research in local fisheries. She also has a love of animals and was passionate about animal care after volunteering for a local organization. If you live in Ewa Beach, HI, you may want to consider visiting this vet.

    Dr. Brown has a passion for surgery and preventive medicine. During her internship at the University of Florida, she spent time on the military base at Naval Base Kitsap, Washington. She also worked in Kaneohe for three years, providing veterinary care for military working dogs. She also worked on public health missions. She is looking forward to helping the community with her veterinary care.

    Dr. Greenstein enjoys outdoor activities and is a fearless vet. She also has a passion for preventative care and dentistry. She graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2017. She has two dogs in Hawaii, one in Maui, and two in Kaneohe. She also loves playing tennis and diving. While she doesn’t have many pets, she has many interests.

    After graduating from college, Dr. Joy has been practicing veterinary medicine in the islands since 1999. She studied at Oklahoma State University and is currently a part of the Veterinary Technology program at Windward Community College. Her favorite hobby is spending time with her family and hiking. She loves animals and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science. She is a native of Hawaii and enjoys spending time with her husband, hiking, and watching sports.

    Dr. Kuboyama graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with her Bachelor’s of Science in Animal Science. She also has a passion for animal nutrition. She enjoys watching Wisconsin football and cooking. She also has a 10-year-old Siberian husky, Scout. She loves animals and is interested in animal nutrition. She graduated from the Mid-Pacific Institute and received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology.

    Dr. Yasuda has a passion for animals and has a special interest in canine reproduction. Her favorite part of being a vet is helping people understand their pets and nurturing their human-animal bond. She also enjoys hiking and swimming and enjoys playing soccer and playing with her chocolate labs. She is a native of Hawaii and has a strong connection with the island. Veterianarian Ewa Beach HI.

    Rene’e’s background in animal care has helped her choose this field as a career. She previously worked as a medical assistant at a pediatrician’s office in Kaneohe. She has been practicing general medicine for over 20 years and has a passion for sewing and fishing. Her hobbies include hiking, sewing and traveling. While she is at work, she enjoys spending time with her children and spending time with her furry family.

    In addition to her love of animals, Dr. Anbe is a registered veterinary technician and graduated from Windward Community College. She is a native of the Bay Area and has a love for animals. She has a geriatric Lhasa apso-Keeshond named Nancy. She is a lifelong animal lover and has been in the area since she was a child.