Personalized Glass Picture Squeeze Sets

“3D crystal photo crystal” is a phrase that many people may use when they first hear the term “crystal-picture cube.” The 3D effect is definitely something worth seeing in order to appreciate crystal-clear pictures that we have all come to love through movies and television. This type of crystal photo cubes are a unique and wonderful way to personalize gifts and to give the ultimate present for any occasion. When you want to make a gift that will not only get a great reaction but also something truly meaningful and valuable to the receiver, consider this option

Photo Crystals Keychains – 3D crystal photo crystal cubes with sparkling crystals of every shape and size will allow you to personalize your gift in many ways. We all know that certain pictures say your child’s first smile, or your wife’s perfect wedding day will stick in someone’s mind. They are the types of pictures that remind you of something amazing. Through glass-picture cube keychains, these crystal photo cubes can be transformed into the most personalized and memorable presents you could ever think of.

Customized Heart Shaped Picture Cubes – Perfect for the person who loves to collect and appreciate beautiful artwork, a heart-shaped glass picture cube is the perfect present. The heart-shape changes constantly based on the setting, the type of glass used and its thickness. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The larger heart-shaped crystal glass picture frame is great for wall mounting and are available with a multitude of mounting options.

Crystal Photo Cubes With Laser engraving Technology – Engraving is one of the best methods to personalize your crystal pictures. It is also one of the most expensive and time consuming. But by using laser light crystal images can now be engraved into glass. Engraving technology has improved immensely over the years, and these new high-tech photo crystals are the best yet. Instead of manually engraving each individual crystal, they can now be laser engraved. This process results in crystal clear photo crystals that are top quality

Personalized Glass Picture Squeeze Sets – Each of these stunning glass picture cubes come in a variety of beautiful shapes. They can hold up to eight photos and have room for interchangeable panels that can be used to store other items. This squeeze set comes with three glass picture cubes that are approximately one inch square. The three different shapes are: sphere, rectangle, and oval

The cube option is ideal for gifts of every size. For babies and children, the larger Squeeze Set allows you to include items such as a teddy bear or doll. As adults, the Squeeze Set allows you to give a range of different options such as wall art, coasters, or key chains. Personalized glass picture cube gifts can help you choose one that will be enjoyed for many years.